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New prizes - cee best phd thesis award

Welcome to UniCredit & Universities!

The 6 winners of the CEE Best PhD Thesis Award, launched in 2010, for outstanding doctoral dissertations in economics and finance on European integration issues, have been selected.  The competition was open to all young PhD graduates from the 19 Eastern European countries forming part of the geographical scope of our Group.
According to the requirements listed on the announcement, the Scientific Committee of UniCredit & Universities selected six PhD theses, regarding the following issues: migration, development and demography, unrestricted topics.

The winners are:


Dermendzhieva Zvezda (Bulgaria): “Essays on International Migration
Daniel Horn (Hungary): “Essays on Educational Institutions and Inequality of Opportunity

Development and demography:

Dora Fazekas (Hungary):“Carbon Market Implications for New EU Member States: Empirical Analysis for Hungary
Branislav Saxa (Slovakia) con “Essays on Exporting Behavior of Firms and on Inflation Persistence

Unrestricted topics:

Ceyhun Elgin (Turkey): “Essays on Dynamic Macroeconomics
Ekaterina Rashkova (Bulgaria): “Political Learning and the Number of Parties: Why Age Matters

The winners will be awarded with € 5,000 each, and the theses will be published in the Working Paper Series of UniCredit & Universities Foundation available on this website.

The winners of the Best PhD Thesis Award will receive their award during a ceremony, on 9 June, 2011.

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