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Support for research - UniCredit Best Paper Award

Welcome to UniCredit & Universities!

24 May, 2017 - The 8th edition of the UniCredit Best Paper Award open to all UniCredit employees, from every country where the Group is present, is now closed.

This is a very important initiative, since it recognizes and rewards the outstanding competence of the resources inside the Group.

The competition will award 2.500 (gross of taxes) to each of the two outstanding scientific papers in the fields of economics, finance, law, politics and social science and whose content is relevant to the Group.

The 2017 winners are:

- Flavia Barsotti with her paper, "Prepayment risk modeling: behavioural options, contagion and interest rates dynamics"

- Gianfranco Zampese with his paper, "Taylor Rule and Financial Instability"

The winning papers will be published in the Working Paper Series of the Foundation: the series that collects the best research carried out by Group employees and by the fellows of the Foundation.

For any further information, download the announcement.

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